Patient Testimonials

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Cheers and Jeers"
Cheers: to Dr. Mark Hammonds of North Richland Hills, who literally saved my life during the past 10 years. I'm 61 and have three serious health problems. He has never failed to see me, even without an appointment. Thank God for doctors like Mark Hammonds. By the way, he does belong to an HMO."
L. W., Haltom City

"I am new to Dr. Hammonds and am so pleased. He is not intimidating, so it helps the "doctor appointment" nervousness! I am very happy with my choice of a new PCP. They treat their patients w/ respect."
Anonymous (patient questionaire)

"The doctor and the nurse/tech who took my blood was very polite and very nice, and the fact I didn't have to wait for a long time to be seen is a plus for me. Knowing me, I don't like people who have me wait for a long time, especially when I'm in pain. Excellent waiting time 15 minutes or less. I am very satisfied about the service."
Anonymous (patient questionaire)

"Dear Dr Hammonds I wanted to let you know that the letter you composed and sent to Dr.X on my behalf was a tremendous help. The doctor came to my appointment and apologized for the lack of attention I had received as his patient. His assistant and he listened to my history and what I have been through in the past and talked with me and we came up with a medicine regimen that has been working great. I hope you know how much a few words from you has changed the situation. I am very grateful for your help and understanding over the years. Knowing I have a doctor that is as concerned about my well-being as you are is very comforting. Sincerely, "
Patient letter July 2007

Diabetes is not the Boss of me! by Lew Alexander

In July, 2008 (45 years old), I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My Mom, Dad and older brother are all Type 2 so I wasn’t surprised at the diagnosis but was shocked to be faced with it at that age.   I am fortunate to have a Physician who explained this diagnosis in very clear terms: “I can go on with my current lifestyle and he will keep me alive with meds having to increase dosages and types over the years and someday will become insulin dependent. In the meantime, I will potentially be faced with all sorts of medical issues (loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, impotence and many more) and will probably die prematurely from complications from Diabetes.  Or, I can start eating better and exercising more and stave off these issues and live a life much closer to normalcy”.  The next day I was in the gym doing spin class.  I could only manage 30 minutes on the bike at first  but soon I was pounding out one hour classes and working hard.  I shed about 30 lbs. in a matter of a few months and feeling better than I had in a very long time.  The next step was a road bike and then I discovered the joy of riding and the stress that I left on the road.