Caring For Older Adults

At every age, people have particular health needs. One of the medical challenges for older adults is that more than half of adults 65 or older have 3 or more medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, or memory problems.

A drug that might be useful in treating one health problem can make another problem worse, and taking multiple medications can cause problematic drug interactions and side effects.

Dr. Hammonds has one of the largest geriatric practices in Fort Worth and is very experienced in treating and preventing diseases and disabilities uniquely affecting older adults. We work closely with United Health Care Senior Advantage Plan and their Wellmed management team who focus on preventative care to keep patients healthy, happy, and at home instead of the hospital. Our team approach really improves the quality of life of our aging patients. Come see why our patients love us.

Geriatrics at Texas Health Care PLLC