General and Preventative Care

Family physicians today receive extensive training in all specialties including internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, and even obstetrics. Dr. Hammonds is board certified in the specialty of Family Practice which emphasizes evaluating patient’s total health needs in the context of family and community.

At Texas Health Care, our care is comprehensive. We see the entire specturm of patients from newborns to nursing home patients. Our care emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion. We evaluate the patient’s total health needs, provide personal care, and refer to highly trained specialists whenever appropriate. Dr. Hammonds promotes effective communications with our patients and encourages the role of the patient as a partner in health care.

Our clinic offers a full panel of services including urgent care, sutures, casts, biopsies, EKG’s, on-site lab, physicals, pap smears, well child checks, immunizations, testosterone testing and replacement, treatment for opioid addiction, along with the usual family practice services of treating illnesses, blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.

Our doctor chose family practice as a specialty because he truly enjoys interacting with patients and seeing families grow and develop. Some of our early pediatric patients are now having families of their own and choosing our doctor and staff to keep their family safe and healthy. That is particularly rewarding for us. We hope that we can be there for your family and their children and grandchildren whenever you need us.

Dr. Mark Hammonds at Texas Health Care PLLC