Flight Physicals

Texas Health Care's experienced staff is dedicated to making your flight physical quick and painless.
  • We know you have better places to be than in a doctor's office. We know that flying is not only your passion but is your livelihood.
  • We are experienced in dealing with the FAA and with any problems that might be found, so that we can quickly resolve them and keep you flying.
  • We will do everything humanly possible to help you pass your physical!
  • Dr. Hammonds' 30 years of experience makes a difference!
  1. Annual Hypertension Report
  2. Diabetes on Oral Medications Status Report
  3. DUI Notification Letter
  4. Initial Form for Hypertension
TIP: Click on FAA logo below to fill out your forms. This must be done in advance. Don't forget to bring in your confirmation number.