Rachel Wheeler - Physician Assistant

Mrs. Wheeler graduated from college in 1999 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She then completed another three years of extensive training for her Physician Assistant degree at Wichita State University in 2003.

After graduating, Mrs. Wheeler worked the next nine years gaining experience in several clinics specializing in different areas from women's health to general Family Practice to pain management, and pediatrics

She has now been with our clinic since 2012 and has been doing a wonderful job.

Mrs. Wheeler likes to read and travel. She is very active in her church and community and lives in NRH with her two beautiful teenage twin girls.

With her extensive training and background, you can see why we are so excited to have Mrs. Wheeler join our team. With her help we are able to see all our patients.

As a Physician Assistant, Mrs. Wheeler is qualified to see and treat patients just like a physician, except that Dr. Hammonds will always be available for consultation, if there is any question as to the diagnosis or treatment plan.

Mrs. Wheeler is comfortable seeing almost all family practice problems. She is able to:

  • Perform comprehensive history and physicals on men, women, and children.
  • Analyze and interpret patients' history, symptoms, physical findings, and diagnostic information to develop appropriate diagnosis.
  • Monitor and manage therapies for acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Educate patients regarding self-management of acute or chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to patients' individual circumstances.
  • Perform Family Practice office procedures, such as toenail removals, cryotherapy, biopsies, and/or removal of lesions, sutures, and drainage of cysts or abscesses.
  • Gynecologic exams and office procedures.
  • Perform pain management procedures such as joing and tendon injections, nerve blocks, and trigger point injections.